Dog owner defends taking her pet in business class on flight: ‘She’s my daughter’

A pet owner has defended her decision to buy her dog a business-class seat on a flight, describing the pet as her “daughter”.

Fifi the miniature dachshund got to travel in style with her owner, Helen, on an 11-hour flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul.

Video shared to the dog’s official Instagram page reveal her being wheeled through Istanbul airport and the cute pup gazing out the aircraft window onto the clouds below from 40,000 feet.

Footage also shows the pampered pooch wrapped up and fast asleep on a horizontal bed while on board.

After being criticised for spending so much money on her dog, Helen posted a video captioned, “This is for all the haters out there”, which shows her dog reclining in business class.

“I don’t think non-pet owners really get it,” she begins.

“Like, this is not just a dog… this is my daughter.”

Many followers were pleased to see airlines accommodating pets, while others commended Fifi for her exemplary behaviour onboard: “My kids don’t behave this well,” wrote one.

“So precious, this beautiful high roller!” wrote another, while one added: “All dogs deserve this!”

One person added: “I’m not a hater – I just grew up where the cost of a dog in first class could feed a couple hundred starving kids, get them some clean clothes and maybe save literal lives so this is hard for me to see”.

Fifi is well accustomed to a life of luxury.

Previous posts show the dog wearing designer accessories and enjoying time on the beach.

However, owner Helen is quick to remind followers that Fifi is a certified therapy dog, a classification which grants her greater freedoms when travelling, compared with a standard domestic pet.

While she wasn’t required to show a passport for her trip, Fifi did have to comply with strict legislation before she could leave the country.

“Documents required to fly with a dog in cabin will vary depending on which airline you are flying with, and where you are flying from and to,” Helen wrote in a story on Instagram.

Generally, pet owners must provide a rabies vaccination certificate, microchip certificate, parasite treatment, rabies titre test results, and an animal health certificate.

While Fifi’s class of travel may seem excessive to some, it doesn’t compare to one couple who paid $100,000 (£84,000) to charter a private jet to fly their pet dogs to Europe.

Owners Melanie Demi and her husband, Albert, said it was “important for them to see more than their backyard”.

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