Fun, Elegant Cooking Classes in Barcelona’s Nightlife District

Pabulum cooking classes have taken Barcelona by storm.

Run by an American native and professional nutritionist and vegan cook, these new group and private classes are held in the evenings in the heart of the city’s nightlife district in a trendy, modern loft, situated in the Gotico, just off La Rambla.

This means they’re not only the perfect way to learn about food and nutrition, but also an ideal way for kicking off a night on the town.

Pabulum offers food that’s totally vegan, totally healthy and totally delicious — Photo courtesy of Pabulum

With a focus on elegance and presentation, owner and founder of Pabulum, Mariah Quesada, says she emphasizes whole foods, as well as fresh and organic foods that are in season at the classes. Founded on the philosophy of her company’s name – meaning “food for thought” – Quesada’s classes touch on mindful eating and are appealing for everyone, not only vegans.

Whether you’re a meat-lover, “veggily curious” or a foodie by trade, her classes are extremely informative, fun, intimate and a great way to spend a night.

Each group is limited to five people, with a surprise welcome cocktail that’s usually both potent and delicious. There’s also a mouth-watering amuse bouche, another secret recipe, accompanied by a three-course meal, which participants help to prepare.

In the summer months, you can dine on the outdoor terrace overlooking the OldCity, and in the winter, the kitchen is perfect for a cozy meal.

At Pabulum, they know the best part of cooking is getting to eat what you cooked later onAt Pabulum, they know the best part of cooking is getting to eat what you cooked later on — Photo courtesy of Pabulum

As healthy eating becomes more in style, especially in Barcelona, more and more vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, as well as nightlife activities, are popping up. Pabulum’s been at the forefront of this Mediterranean revolution, bringing vegan and veggie dining to a whole new level.

But it’s not just about the food, says Quesada; it’s about the presentation, as well. If you’re in the mood for tasty, fresh, healthy and pretty food, then this is a fabulous option.

Once you’re finished dining, around 11 p.m., you’re also perfectly poised to keep the night going. Right below the loft is Marula Cafe, an excellent funk and soul disco. Around the corner is Placa Reial, with a host of nightclubs, and only a few blocks away sits Macarena, for the brave souls who want to party until the sun comes up.

You’re also right off of the famous La Rambla Street and only 10 minutes from the beach, if you’d rather bring in the new day from the boardwalk. 

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