Man fakes proposal on flight to get free champagne

A man has filmed himself staging a fake proposal on a flight, apparently in order to get free champagne from the airline.

TikTok prankster Roman Romero posted two videos of the stunt, which saw flight crew bring himself and a woman (later revealed to be a good friend rather than his partner) champagne, even bursting into song.

“One time I faked a proposal to a friend of mine on a long plane ride to get bottomless champagne for free,” wrote Mr Romero in the caption, adding laughing face and bottle of champagne emojis.

In the theatrical clip, filmed by a passenger sitting to the right of the “happy couple”, Mr Romero gets up and makes a speech from the front of the plane aisle.

“Two and a half years ago Lisa and I met on the airplane flying to New York City, every moment since then has been absolutely magical,” he says, as his female companion, dressed in a hoodie, giggles in her seat.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

“Lisa, will you marry me?”

He is seen getting down on one knee as the woman laughs, eventually saying, “What? Yes.”

Assembled cabin crew members and watching passengers all cheer and applaud.

A second video shows a member of the flight crew, who Mr Romero says was one of the pilots, breaking out into song with a ukelele to serenade the couple’s big moment.

“Part 2 for those who want to see more of the pilots beautiful performance,” Mr Romero captioned the video, adding #fakeproposal.

The initial viral video has already had 19.8m views, attracting more than 95,000 comments.

The airline the pair were flying with is unclear, though Mr Romero later posted videos from a holiday in Mexico.

“This feels illegal,” wrote one follower, while another commented: “NOT THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT CRYING.”

People were both shocked and impressed by the TikToker’s brazen stunt, with one writing: “I feel so bad because of the effort of the guy with the ukulele”.

One follower commented: “I feel like the pilot had been waiting his whole career for this moment. Packs ukelele just in case this flight is THE FLIGHT*”.

Real proposals on flights are a regular occurence. In July, a man got down on one knee in the aisle of an Air New Zealand flight, similarly recruiting crew to help him make the moment special.

Meanwhile in 2018, one pilot proposed to his flight attendant girlfriend as part of the pre-flight announcements before take-off.

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