People warned to avoid 83 UK beaches because of raw sewage dumped nearby

People are being warned to avoid 83 UK beaches, because of raw sewage being dumped nearby.

Environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage monitors sewage discharge, and has detected nationwide leaks into the sea following heavy recent rainfall.

Gorleston Beach in Norfolk – which was named best UK beach by Tripadvisor last month – has made the list of beaches where dumped sewage has seeped into the sea.

Surfers Against Sewage said: “Gorleston-on-Sea became popular in Edwardian times and is still a busy seaside resort. A number of sewer overflows discharge into the River Yare that flows to the sea at the northern end of the beach.”

The full list of beaches to avoid includes popular bathing spots.

(Surfers Against Sewage)

In Scotland, Dhoon Bay in Kircudbright has been named as one to steer clear of.

Meanwhile, just below the border in North East England, Spittal, Warkworth, Druridge Bay, Amble Links, Blyth South Beach, Tynemouth Cullercoats and Seaham Beach all currently come with a sewage leak warning.

In Lancashire, Blackpool South, Central and North join Morecambe North, Fleetwood, and St Annes as beaches to avoid.

Somerset coastal spots Weston-super-Mare Sand Bay and Weston Main join Dunster North West as places to expect raw sewage spillages in the sea.

On the south coast of England, Bognor Regis East, Aldwick, Brighton, Pagham, Langstone Harbour and Saltdean are also listed.

Additionally, people are being warned to avoid swimming at Cowes, Gurnard and Sandown on the Isle of Weight.

Surfers Against Sewage claim there are “almost 5,500 discharges into UK coastal bathing waters”, in addition to “over 400,000 discharges of untreated sewage into UK rivers’’.

The group blames polluters and poor waste management for these sewage discharges.

Last year, Labour MP Jim MacMahon called the sewage leaks a “scandal.”

The shadow environment secretary said that under a Labour government, the party would impose “mandatory monitors on all sewage outlets” as well as “automatic fines for every single sewage discharge”.

Swimming in water contaminated with raw sewage can cause serious illness.

On the Surfers Against Sewage website, the environmental activist group outlines that “the sheer volume of pollution entering our water means the UK consistently ranks as one of the worst European countries for coastal water quality.”

Izzy Ross, campaigns manager for the marine conservation charity told The Independent: “When it rains, sewage pours.

“We wish it was surprising to see the mammoth spike in sewage pollution alerts when it rains. We know all too well that the current sewage infrastructure can’t cope with rainfall after decades of underinvestment. It will continue as long as profiteering water companies, lax regulators and a blundering government let it happen.

“It’s horrific that our waterways pay the price, whilst water companies profit from pollution. Not only is sewage pollution vandalising our environment, the public rely on our blue spaces for our health and wellbeing.

“To make informed decisions about when and where you use the water, use our Safer Seas and Rivers Service app to get live alerts on sewage pollution incidents.”

The full list of 83 UK beaches where raw sewage has been dumped nearby

  1. Dhoon Bay
  2. Spittal
  3. Warkworth
  4. Amble Links
  5. Druridge Bay North
  6. Druridge Bay South
  7. Blyth South Beach
  8. Tynemouth Cullercoats
  9. Seaham Hall Beach
  10. Seaham Beach
  11. Seaton Carew North
  12. Redcar Coatham
  13. Redcar Granville
  14. Redcar Stray
  15. Marske Sands
  16. Saltburn
  17. Whitby
  18. Scarborough North Bay
  19. Scarborough South Bay
  20. Bridlington South Beach
  21. Heacham
  22. Gorleston Beach
  23. Southend Three Shells
  24. Southend Jubilee Beach
  25. Sheerness Canterbury
  26. Minster Leas
  27. Leysdown
  28. West Beach, Whitstable
  29. Tankerton
  30. Herne Bay Central
  31. Herne Bay
  32. Sandgate
  33. Hythe
  34. St Marys Bay (Kent)
  35. St Leonards
  36. Bexhill
  37. Normans Bay
  38. Pevensey Bay
  39. Seaford
  40. Saltdean
  41. Brighton Kemptown
  42. Brighton Central – Brighton
  43. Hove Lawn
  44. Littlehampton
  45. Bognor Regis East
  46. Bognor Regis (Aldwick)
  47. Pagham
  48. Langstone Harbour
  49. Eastney
  50. Southsea East
  51. Stokes Bay
  52. Ryde
  53. Seagrove
  54. St Helens
  55. Bembridge
  56. Whitecliff Bay
  57. Yaverland
  58. Sandown
  59. Shanklin
  60. Lee-on-Solent
  61. Hillhead
  62. Cowes
  63. Gurnard
  64. Colwell Bay
  65. Totland Bay
  66. Pentewan
  67. Dunster North West
  68. Weston Main
  69. Weston-super-Mare Sand Bay
  70. Wharfe at Cromwheel – Ilkley Bathing Water
  71. Southport
  72. St Annes
  73. St Annes North
  74. Blackpool South
  75. Blackpool Central
  76. Blackpool North
  77. Bispham
  78. Cleveleys
  79. Fleetwood
  80. Morecambe North
  81. Walney Biggar Bank
  82. Walney Sandy Gap
  83. Walney West Shore

The Independent has contacted the Environment Agency for comment.

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