Ryanair trolls newlywed couple on their Ibiza honeymoon after window complaint

If you’re jetting off on your honeymoon, wedding bands gleaming and ready for what will hopefully be the romantic trip of a lifetime, you don’t necessarily expect to be on the end of a sharp social media response.

But one couple found themselves in the crosshairs of Ryanair’s Twitter account after a complaint about the lack of window by the, well, window seat.

Mark Bowe, a meteorologist based in Dublin, tweeted a picture of himself and his wife from inside a plane bound for Ibiza, with the caption: “Off on honeymoon now about to fly into #Ibiza for the first time and we just can’t wait to check out the view on the way over…”

He added “oh… wait…”, as the image clearly shows there’s no window beside that row.

In its typically cheeky reply, the low-cost carrier quote-tweeted the message and replied: “She’s regretting marrying someone who can’t read the fine print.”

The light-hearted response has been viewed over seven million times, and Ryanair has continued to respond to the comments.

One user wrote “LOOOOOOOOL Ryanair admin your days are numbered”, to which the airline replied: “Like this marriage.”

Another jokingly suggested it was “nice” that Mr Bowe gave his new wife the non-existent window seat, with Ryanair suggesting that maybe “he knew what he was doing.”

The good-natured trolling even extended to Ryanair’s Twitter bio, which now reads: “We sell seats, not windows.”

Mr Bowe has since tweeted to say that “getting retweeted by Ryanair is a bit of a life box tick, I must say.”

He told The Independent: “I love Ryanair and travel with them all the time. The staff are always so great. We just figured of all the times to not get a window seat was on your honeymoon. We’ve both never been to Ibiza before and were looking forward to checking out the lights on the way in, too.

“We had such an laugh reading all the comments by the pool on our first day here.”

The Irish airline has a history of trolling social media users with forthright humour, especially over complaints.

In March, they teased a passenger on Twitter who appeared to be complaining about the limited leg room on his flight. Other examples include making fun of a passenger for complaining about check-in rules – saying at the time that “adulting is hard” – and Dublin airport over its queues.

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