Southwest Airlines employee rescues little girl’s stuffed dog, sending photos of its travels

A Southwest Airlines employee retrieved a young passenger’s lost soft toy, after the little girl left her cuddly dog in a rental car.

NBC CT reports that “Jessica, a Southwest Airlines employee, and her daughter, Luna, were visiting Dallas, Texas, to celebrate Jessica’s 10th anniversary with the company.”

But, the article continues, “as they returned home, Luna realized she left behind her stuffed animal, Dog Dog, in the rental car.”

A Facebook post by Southwest Airlines explains: “Jessica and her daughter, Luna, were returning home from a trip to Dallas when they realized that they left something behind. They had forgotten Luna’s stuffed animal (lovingly nicknamed “Dog Dog”) in their rental car.”

Jessica subsequently got in touch with Christina, a Southwest Airlines operations agent based at Dallas Airport, to explain that Dog Dog had been accidentally left in their rental car.

As this point, the Southwest Airlines Facebook post shares: “Christina took it upon herself to drive to the rental car company to retrieve Dog Dog from being lost forever.”

“The good news was that the toy was in safe hands, but the bad news was that Dog Dog was still a long way from home,” the post adds.

(Southwest Airlines)

Because of this, Christina decided to chart the soft toy’s adventures while she kept the cuddly dog safe. A month later, Jessica and Luna came back to Dallas and were presented both with the lost toy, and a photo album of Dog Dog’s Southwest Airlines escapades.

Below the post describing the story, there’s a series of sweet photos showing Dog Dog sitting on the airport tarmac, having an in-flight drink and looking out of the plane window.

Social media followers were quick to comment underneath the post, with there being widespread positivity written about both the employee and the story.

One Facebook user commented: “She is an awesome employee and this family will never forget the extra miles it took to get her stuffed dog home. This warms my heart so much.”

“How kind and thoughtful,” someone posted, while another wrote: “Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story.”

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