These are the best beaches near Bangkok

While most visitors to Thailand include some island time in their itineraries, usually flying or taking the train or bus down south to head to famed islands like Ko Phi Phi, Samui, or Phuket, those who’ve come for a Bangkok stay can still fit in a beach visit a bit closer to the capital. Here are some of the better choices.

Most Bangkok Thais head to Hua Hin for a combo of quick escape, nice resorts, and good food, but for something less discovered and with a much nicer beach, head an hour or two further south to Prachuap Khiri Khan, one of the country’s better kept secrets. Also off the radar is the fantastic beach in Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park. Near to here you will also find Pranburi, another sleepier beach resort frequented by Thais. Ko Samet gets very busy on the weekends, but it is the closest thing to a real island paradise comparable to what you’ll find further south around Phuket and Koh Samui.

 If you need a quick dose of sun, Ko Larn, which lies just offshore of Pattaya, is a great bet (and total contrast to the dirty overcrowded beach in Pattaya), with plenty of white sand and beautiful water, while Bang Saen is Bangkok’s nearest beach, popular with Thais. Koh Si Chang is also a cool local escape, as it is more popular for its temples and seafood, but does feature one nice white sand cove on its west side, and you won’t see too many tourists here. 

Cha-am is another nearby resort, probably more noted for its seafood and annual kite festival along with kite-surfing options as it is usually windy here, as opposed to white sand and sun tanning, but if you want a tropical paradise with squeaky white sand, you’re better off investing more time and making the jaunt eastward out to Ko Kood, truly one of Thailand’s nicest island escapes.

For years Ko Kood was known as the Bangkok island, as the resorts were expensive, getting here was exhausting if one didn’t fly and take a private boat, and the tropical escape was the home of the Bangkok upper crust. More ferry options, reasonably priced resorts, and the word getting out amongst foreigners has changed all that, and Ko Kood not only is within striking distance of Bangkok, but its empty white sand beaches and turquoise water are far more pristine and postcard-worthy than any island you’ll find down south. It’s well worth the effort of getting here to have a bit of paradise all to yourself.

Recommended for Beaches because: For one of Thailand’s most spectacular paradises, Ko Kood stands alone.

Dave’s expert tip: You can fly Bangkok Air to Trat and then take a speedboat to Ko Kood if you are really looking to get here fast.

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One of Bangkok’s quickest beach getaways, Cha-am is packed with Thais on the weekends, as hordes of Bangkokians come down to eat the fresh seafood and escape the city heat and smog. While the main beach here is nothing special, further north you’ll find few people and even some nice stretches of white sand. Often lumped together with neighboring Hua Hin, Cha-am is a bit more subdued, and there is an excellent choice here of posh private resorts, such as the happening BaBa Beach Club, to choose from. The seafood here is outstanding, and if you like kite boarding, or just generally flying kites, you’ll love it here, as the strong winds that sweep the region make it an excellent spot to fly. There’s even an annual kite festival held here every year, one of Thailand’s more unique local fiestas.

Recommended for Beaches because: For inexpensive seafood and a quick beach escape, Cha-am is worth a trip.

Dave’s expert tip: You can get here via minivan from Bangkok, or even charter a whole private taxi for around 2,000 baht.

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Koh Si Chang

Sleepy Koh Si Chang sees few foreign tourists. Set in the Bight of Bangkok, it receives a lot of shipping barges docked in its port, and for the most part, only gets busy on weekends, when Bangkokians wanting a bit of a city escape make the quick drive down. There is only one beach here, Hat Tham Phang, over on the west side of the island, which does offer some nice white sand and swimming. It’s also worth coming here though just to explore around the small island and its quirky temples, clifftop sunset views, and there is even an old colonial palace of King Rama V to check out. There is plenty of good seafood, and prices are reasonable, without any of the hassles of the more popular islands. On Si Chang, locals just stick to their daily lives, with tourism being a very small part of it.

Recommended for Beaches because: For the sleepiest beach escape near Bangkok, Ko Si Chang is it.

Dave’s expert tip: To get here, take a bus from Bangkok’s Ekkamai Eastern bus station for two hours to Sri Racha. From the station, take a tuk tuk or motorcycle taxi to the Si Chang pier, from where it’s a 40 minute ferry ride over to the island.

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Bang Saen

While the beach itself might not win any awards, this is the first beach you reach on the eastern seaboard from Bangkok, so if you are looking for a fast, hassle-free escape, this is it. You can even get here in under an hour from the airport! It’s cheaper than both Pattaya and Hua Hin, closer than both, and you get the bonus of having far less foreign tourists. Most of Bang Saen’s visitors are Bangkok Thais, and if you come out during the week, you’ll find great hotel deals, quiet seafront restaurants, and a mellow vibe. Come Friday and Saturday night though be prepared to party much of the night or bring your earplugs.

Recommended for Beaches because: For Bangkok’s fastest beach escape, Bang Saen is as good as it gets.

Dave’s expert tip: Pattaya bound buses that run from Ekamai Bus Terminal stop at Nong Mon, from where you can take a shared songthaew. Alternatively, there are minivans from the Victory Market area that go directly to Bang Saen every 30 minutes or so.

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Ko Larn

Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

It is amazing to think that one can find such clear water just off the coast of Pattaya and so near to Bangkok, but here it is. Ko Larn is a small isle, reached by a short ferry or speed boat ride from the pier in Pattaya. It gets very crowded during the day with day trippers from Pattaya, but if you choose to spend the night here, you will have it mostly to yourself, a million miles from the raucous nightlife across the bay.

There are several nice white sand beaches on Ko Larn, the biggest of which is Tawaen on the east side, a short motorcycle taxi ride from the port town of Naban. Samae Beach on the west side is also very inviting and less crowded.Parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skis, and all the other water sport activities are available here, and there are plenty of places to eat and sleep should you be tempted to extend your stay.

Recommended for Beaches because: For white sand beaches and a pleasant Pattaya surprise, Ko Larn is super.

Dave’s expert tip: Ferries run every hour or two to different locations on Ko Larn from the Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya, with the most frequent departures going to Naban Port. From Naban, motorcycle taxis await passengers to whisk them off to the beaches, or you can also hire you own if you want to tool around the island.

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It’s only 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin, but sleepy Pranburi feels worlds away. Bangkokians fill up the resorts here on the weekends, but even then Pranburi remains a nature lover’s dream, with several quiet bays that boast pretty beaches as well as those of Sam Roi Yod National Park towards Pranburi’s southern end. During the winter, trade winds make Pranburi an excellent kite-surfing destination, the fresh seafood here will keep travellers gourmet needs sated, and with plenty of small family-friendly eco-resorts like the Aleenta Hua Hin, everyone can enjoy this peaceful beach escape.

Recommended for Beaches because: For a sleepy beach escape, Pranburi is one of the top choices near Bangkok.

Dave’s expert tip: You might want to consider renting a car out of Hua Hin to come here, otherwise you’ll be at the mercy of pricey taxis, as unless you are staying in the small town, most of the resorts, nicer bays, and natural attractions are a fair ways away, all requiring transport.

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Hua Hin

Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

Famed for its history as a royal residence, Hua Hin remains Bangkok’s most popular weekend seaside getaway. While the five kilometer beach isn’t anything overwhelmingly special, not to mention quite crowded with families at its center, the town still retains a very local village feel, with excellent food, especially at its bustling night market, where fresh fish is served to every table.

Hua Hin also has an excellent choice of resorts of every price, and is easily accessible by rail, bus, and car from Bangkok in just a few hours time. To get a more secluded feel, stay outside of town at one of the fancier, hip, and self-contained resorts like Baba Beach Club for a real escape. Golf courses are also in abundance, bringing down scores of Tiger Woods wannabees every weekend, and the town also hosts plenty of festivals throughout the year, such as the International Jazz Festival, which draws top acts from around the world.

Recommended for Beaches because: For being Bangkok’s nearest nice beach, enjoy Hua Hin.

Dave’s expert tip: The fastest way to get here via public transport is to take the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok to the Victory Monument station, and then grab a minivan from here. The vans leave throughout the day as soon as they get 10 passengers, and only cost 120 baht, and get to Hua Hin in less than 2 hours.

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Koh Samet

Koh Samet is the closest thing resembling the island paradises you’ll find further south (such as Koh Samui or Phuket) without having to travel far from Bangkok. While its old hippie days and sleepy island days are long gone, the island still boasts nice white sand beaches, and the water here is far cleaner than in places like Hua Hin or Pattaya. You do have to pay a ridiculous “national park” fee of 400 baht, despite the island being full of 7-11s, endless development, and nothing suggesting national park status (other than in name), but if you come during the week, you’ll find some of the beaches pretty quiet, especially the further south down the island you go. Sai Kaew beach gets packed with Thai partiers on weekends, and you’ll have to share the surf with jet skis and banana boats, but south of Ao Wong Deuan, things get pretty tranquil.

Recommended for Beaches because: For Bangkok’s fastest real island escape, Koh Samet is the one.

Dave’s expert tip: Don’t be mislead by the touts at the Ban Phe boat pier telling you that you have to buy a return ticket in advance. They are the same price from the other side.

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Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park

Khao Sam Roi Yod is one of the better day trips a family can make from Bangkok. The National Park has something for everyone, from some nice beaches to excellent hiking, sea views, and a magical royal throne located inside of a mountainside cave. Additionally, the park is home to hundreds of migratory birds which call in here during the winter season.

Besides the quiet beaches, the excellent hiking and views, and the over 300 species of birds, many of them migrating from Siberia and Europe, the most astounding sight here is the Phraya Nakhorn Cave and its eerie royal thronel pavilion with a four gabled roof sitting in the middle of it, Getting to the cave involves a 20 minute climb up over a mountain, from where one descends into a huge cavern. In the early morning, light filters in from the openings and creates a dramatic and surreal effect on the surroundings.

Recommended for Beaches because: For a mix of birdlife, scenery, hiking, beaches, and a surreal cave, Khao Sam Roi Yod is a must visit national park.

Dave’s expert tip: It’s best to have your own transport to get here, although you can arrange a taxi or motorbike from Pranburi town.

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Prachuap Khiri Khan

Prachuap Khiri Khan is one of Thailand’s least discovered destinations. The extra hour or two it takes past Hua Hin to get here keeps the Bangkok weekend escapists at bay. While the main town beach isn’t anything special, you can head to Ao Manao beach located on the Wing 5 Airforce Base property (you need to show ID and sign in at the checkpost to access it) just outside of town, which is one of the most pristine strips of pure white sand around. During holiday periods, the Air Force also open up access to climb Khao Lommuak mountain, a steep rock scramble which has been made accessible via ropes, giving stunning panoramas from the top. There are lots of cute dusky langur monkeys at the base of the climb, so tame they’ll even perch on your shoulders for photos. Seafood in Prachuap is some of Thailand’s freshest and most inexpensive, and there’s a lovely night market along the beach with tons of simple eateries to choose from.

Recommended for Beaches because: For Thailand’s most inexpensive and sleepy beach escape, Prachuap Khiri Khan is at the top of the list.

Dave’s expert tip: You can take a bus from Bangkok’s southern bus terminal to get here, but the morning express train is a faster and better option.

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