Travel influencer shares Qantas flight hack for getting full row of seats to yourself

A traveller has shared a hack for getting a full row of seats to yourself on a Qantas flight.

Chelsea Badger posted a video on TikTok detailing the tip, complete with the caption: “P.S. this only works if your flight isn’t fully booked.”

Talking followers through the travel tip, Ms Badger explains in the post: “I recently got a whole row to myself on Qantas and this is how I did it.”

She advises that once travellers get to their gate at the airport they should wait until around 10 minutes before the flight starts boarding.

“Then open up the Qantas app and click the seat selector tool,” Ms Badger says, showing followers how to navigate this in the video.

“If there’s a whole row free or even just a better seat, make a mental note of that seat number,” she adds.

Explaining that you can’t select this new seat in the app because it’s too close to the boarding time, Ms Badger suggests: “Simply just go up to the desk and politely ask to have it changed.”

“So easy and I can’t believe this works,” she finishes, adding underneath the video: “I’ve done this successfully a few times while flying with Qantas.”

The post has racked up over 350,000 views and followers were quick to comment underneath.

“Shhh, keep it secret,” someone urged.

Another user commented: “That’s a great one, I have travelled for eight years and not thought of this.”

“Legit did this,” a follower wrote, confirming the trick works.

However, one person added: “This very rarely works for me. The app shows the row is empty but those seats nearly always end up with people sat in them.”

Suggesting a different approach, another follower said: “I’ve made mental notes of empty rows while literally boarding the plane and then just sitting in those seats upon boarding, works every time.”

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