‘We’ve got a hostile one back here’: Man pushes past passengers on crowded flight

A man has been filmed pushing past passengers on a crowded American Airlines flight to Florida.

In a since-deleted TikTok post uploaded to Reddit four days ago, the traveller is seen forcing his way past fellow passengers as they all wait to disembark the plane.

User @mabellitalinda shared the TikTok video originally, which was filmed from a seated position and shows those standing in the aisle queuing to leave their flight.

At the start of the video, the man is seen saying to someone onboard: “I understand that we all are waiting but that’s not how I work, I make the rules as I go.”

“Well, I break ‘em,” another person is heard responding, to which the passenger replies: “well guess what, I’m breaking them now too.”

After initially saying “excuse me”, he then proceeds to barge past two women in front of him who gasp and are knocked to one side.

“Oh my God, sir,” someone onboard exclaims.

“We’ve got a hostile one back here,” another passenger is heard saying.

“Yes, we do, he’s knocking people over,” a further traveller replies.

“Don’t be rude to me, because one thing I can do is be rude back to you,” the man in question says.

A crew member can then be heard calling out: “OK, let’s just take it down a notch.”

After the women who had been pushed past informed the crew member, the man replies: “I didn’t push no-damn-body.” One of them interrupts him to insist that he did.

“You wanna stand in the way like you’re a bodyguard, I moved you out my way is what I did,” the man continues.

Opinions from followers on the original post were divided, with users seeing the incident from both sides.

One person commented: “They are rude women. They could’ve politely slid to the side for passengers who were ready to exit! Some people stand up for themselves.”

“It’s crazy to me how he acted like this, and he’s just being a complete d***head to everyone for no reason,” another added.

Someone else commented: “Dammit why people stand up? Stay seated. That makes me so mad.”

As reported by MailOnline the passenger – who is called Courvosier Cox on social media – later posted a series of Instagram stories and said: “I do not just go around shoving women, that is not my intention.”

He stated: “I am not sorry for any of my actions. My actions were intentional.”

The passenger added: “My intention that day was to say ‘excuse me’ get off the f***ing plane, because I have spent all f***ing day in travel. I’m tired and I’m not gonna sit here and watch you pity and p*** the f*** around while I am tired and ready to go home.”

In another story, he finished: “Not only were my actions f***ing intentional, my actions were based on their actions and the way they treated me.”

The Independent has contacted American Airlines for comment.

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