What are the best festivals in the US, from music and film to food and culture?

Millions of people attend at least one festival in the U.S. per year – and those numbers are on the rise.

With so many events to choose from (and ticket prices in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for some festivals), it can be hard to decide where to spend your time and money. That’s why 10Best teamed up with a panel of festival experts to nominate the top events across five categories.

We need you to help crown the best fests in the United States by voting for your favorites once per day until voting ends on Monday, March 20 at noon ET, and you can vote once per day, per category.

Click on each category below to vote:

Best City Food Festival

Which city food festival tantalizes your taste buds the most? — Photo courtesy of iStock / Xsandra

Mouthwatering tastings, live cooking demos, beautiful venues and top-notch chefs – these 20 food festivals highlight the cuisine of cities across the United States, offering a totally travel-worthy epicurean adventure.

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Best Cultural Festival

Which cultural festival is your favorite?Which cultural festival is your favorite? — Photo courtesy of iStock / chuck

Raucous or restrained, artistic or irreverent, our nominees for Best Cultural Festival are each travel-worthy in their own right, and each offers the chance to broaden horizons, try new things and connect with others from around the continent and the world.

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Best Film Festival

Which film festival gets your vote for being the best celebration of cinema?Which film festival gets your vote for being the best celebration of cinema? — Photo courtesy of iStock / AlexanderLipko

Move over, Cannes! The film festival circuit in the United States is packed with fantastic events, from heavy hitters to up-and-comers screening tomorrow’s biggest names in cinema. Our panel of event experts have narrowed down the list of U.S. film festivals to the top 20, and now it’s your turn to pick a winner.

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Best Music Festival

Which music festival do you want to attend the most?Which music festival do you want to attend the most? — Photo courtesy of E+ / gilaxia

As the weather begins to warm up, music festival season is fast approaching, and each year, more and more events are joining the lineup, expanding and diversifying the music festival circuit in the United States. Our panel of music festival aficionados has hand-picked 20 essential festivals from coast to coast where music fans can enjoy several artists (and even genres) in one place.

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Best Specialty Food Festival

These specialty food festivals give you a chance to celebrate your favorite foodsThese specialty food festivals give you a chance to celebrate your favorite foods — Photo courtesy of iStock / Aleksandr_Vorobev

These 20 festivals across the United States celebrate specific foods – often local specialties grown or produced in the region – with themed events and plenty of opportunities to indulge.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on 10Best.com on Friday, March 31.

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